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About Me

Hi, my name is San and I'm a music producer and composer. I love creating new music and uploading new videos every Sunday! - Creative story - I started playing in 2017. I felt emotional music closer to me because it can reflect my personality because I am passionate. "San Music" was created in 2015 when I started making Youtube videos. I started composing and producing music in 2015. My goal focuses on improving my creativity skills every day. I think everyone can achieve it as long as you live and believe in your dreams. Ready to follow my journey? It will be fun! I appreciate all the love and support I have gained in the last few years. This is my best achievement so far, which made me feel like someone. thanks! San Music


How long does the delivery take?

Files are instantly delivered to your PayPal email after purchase.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal!

What if I have any questions or problems?

If you have urgent or very specific questions you can email us at

Does a license have an expiration date?

No refunds are given. Absolutely NO exceptions.

Can I purchase the exclusive rights?

No, currently we do NOT sell any of our beats exclusively.

Do I need to worry about copyright?

No, after you purchased a license you are legally allowed to make a profit on the beat(s) you purchased. Since our music is registered in the content ID system you might receive a copyright claim on your YouTube video. If this happens, please remain calm and email us your video link. Our Youtube network will take care of it as soon as possible and this will absolutely do NO harm to your Youtube channel.

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