Privacy Policy

who are we? | A digital store for renting raps and licenses. If you are an artist, producer, director, or content maker and looking for music, you will find what you are looking for here.

What personal data do we collect and why do we collect it?

We do not collect private or sensitive data such as (identity – driver’s license – passport – or any government document). We always ask for contact information, your name, your mail, your account on the communication sites, or the number of WhatsApp


We do not ask you to enter data to respond to a comment on an article. You only need to mail – your name – your account on the communication sites and write your comment only

The media?

We do not use any content stolen from the net. We manufacture the entire content and all the music we have is 100% private to us and we have all the rights to it so we do not care much if you have a problem or you buy one of our works with exclusive rights and you found it through our site. This error will be handled

Contact forms?

We only ask for contact information with you or respond to you on your submitted inquiry or request, or even if it was a problem and was resolved, or we would like more information. Thank you.

Content from other websites?

Yes, we use some content as a copy or a download from another site, such as a picture or some articles, so if there is your own content and you want us to delete it, contact us, please

With whom we share your data?

No, we do not share any data provided with any other party, so we do not keep it. Once finished, we will delete this data

How long do we keep your data?

As soon as the service is completed, the problem is solved, or the support is completed, respond to your inquiry

Your contact information?

Yes, we have contact information and the mail is for everything |